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  • ZOptimize Billing & Coding

    NeuroLogic puts a laser focus on coding and billing for medical practices.

    Our offer is a cost-free internal audit via your practice’s EHR; this puts expert eyes on optimizing coding for medical services. We complete an analysis of the services your practice is currently offering and create a customized list of services your practice can add to maximize profit.

    The audit is truly cost-free. We do not require a purchase or any additional agreements.

    We will review documentation and doctor’s notes to:

    • Determine how well you support your CPT codes
    • Identify what codes are not being effectively used
    • See what is billing out and what is not billing out
    • Include anonymized reports from other clinics to show where elevation of profit will happen

    The audit is private and secure. If you’d like to get this type of focus on your coding and billing, set a 15-minute phone or Zoom call with us to learn more!

  • ZTraining & Implemention

    NeuroLogic provides online Zoom-based training and implementation of our products. We work with your team’s schedule to provide either full day training or incremental training over several days or weeks. We use this time to assure hardware and software are fully operational. We provide the video recorded sessions so your team can review and/or share with others who may not be able to participate in training dates.

    We will provide an outline to guide the training process in advance so you know what to expect. We look forward to setting your practice up!

  • ZCustomer Service & Tech Support

    NeuroLogic clients know we are always a call, email, or text away. We are ready to provide customer service and technical support when you need it. Every software platform can suffer a glitch. When a situation arises, we’re ready to get you online and keep you there. We also invite clients to occasional Zoom meetings to review software updates and other changes.

  • ZMD-Directed Report Guidance

    Depending on several factors, your practitioners may wish to include WAVi report analysis. Contact us any time to learn about our MD-directed consultative guidance provided in quick recorded Zoom sessions. It’s easy. Your practitioner/s jump on Zoom and our board certified MD joins to provide a review of your patient’s report. We do not provide a diagnosis online, however, our consultative guidance is a great added training tool as well as support for practitioners who wish to layer WAVi’s objective data into the final diagnosis.




We Are Committed

The NeuroLogic team firmly believes our FDA-cleared devices and intervention products/services, together with our tailored customer service WILL improve the assessment and treatment of brain and neurological health. Our complementary offerings enable you to measure patient progress while putting them on the right track to recovery.

We offer financing options so your practice can begin utilizing the technology at a rate you can afford.

We promise a straight-forward financing experience with a variety of solutions that cater to your business needs. A streamlined application means you’re only a few clicks away from making our “Track & Treat” offerings part of your practice.

What to consider

  • Needing a manageable way to incorporate new medical technology?
  • Feeling like you may be missing out on cutting-edge patient data and interventions, as well as new revenue streams?
  • Concerned about taking on new devices or products you won’t use enough or that take too long to learn?
  • Stifled by time-consuming research and copious amounts of information before deciding on appropriate platforms?

NeuroLogic’s Approach

  • You need expert-level research summaries together with online demonstrations and scheduled doctor-led Zoom or phone conversations that put your research-oriented mind where it needs to be quickly.
  • We enable you to build a quick credible case around our FDA-cleared and reimbursable Brain and Neuro Health products and services. You need to see that revenue generation is tied to the new measurements and interventions you offer to your patients.
  • We enable you to determine the best model for success. Whether an insurance reimbursement or cash pay model, our process plan, training and implementation, customer and tech support, and consultative guidance will assure that your practice can incorporate our platforms effectively and consistently.

NeuroLogic’s Fundamentals

  • Effective technology around Brain and Neuro Health is exploding across healthcare.
  • Your busy practice may benefit from new Measurement and Intervention offerings.

Call or email for more information!

NeuroLogic is a sales and distribution company focused on the brain and neurological health industry, bringing complementary medical devices, products, and services to the medical, wellness, athletic, and home/independent use markets to cause a strategic and vastly improved rate of recovery and healing success.

Our goal is to enable profound brain and neurological health rehabilitation and restoration across North America with objective measurement and intervention. We achieve this by equipping practitioners and patients with proven cutting-edge systems and tools.

This is helping to bring about a new era of direct access, transformation, and documentable rehabilitation not before realized.


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