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Our In-Clinic Services

We currently provide concierge in-clinic WAVi

screenings for practitioners located within a 50-mile radius of Kansas City, Missouri

Our In-Clinic Services

We currently provide concierge in-clinic WAVi screenings for practitioners located within a 50-mile radius of Kansas City, Missouri

Are WAVi EEG in-clinic services right for your practice?

NeuroLogic keeps it simple. We send a technician equipped with the portable EEG platform. Each patient report is ready at the end of the screening session. And we can provide an MD review/analysis of the report.



How long does it take?

Each screening session takes 30 to 60 minutes depending on the need. If a simple baseline of brain state is needed, we can be completed in less than 20 minutes. For a more advanced screening to capture varying states of EEG raw waves, P300, Peak Alpha Frequency, Theta-Beta ratio and more, count on a 60 minutes session.



Is the Report Analysis Guided by an MD?

Depending on several factors, your practitioners may wish to include WAVi report analysis. Contact us any time to learn about our MD-directed consultative guidance provided in quick live/recorded Zoom sessions. It’s easy. Your practitioner/s jump on Zoom and our board certified MD joins to provide a review of your patient’s report. We do not provide a diagnosis online, however, our consultative guidance is a great added training tool as well as support for practitioners who wish to layer WAVi’s objective data into the final diagnosis.



Is it reimbursable?

Yes! WAVi EEG screenings are reimbursable with all major insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid. We have several ways to assist your practice with knowing the proper codes and billing procedures. Feel free to call for a simple discussion!



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NeuroLogic is a sales and distribution company focused on the brain and neurological health industry, bringing complementary medical devices, products, and services to the medical, wellness, athletic, and home/independent use markets to cause a strategic and vastly improved rate of recovery and healing success.

Our goal is to enable profound brain and neurological health rehabilitation and restoration across North America with objective measurement and intervention. We achieve this by equipping practitioners and patients with proven cutting-edge systems and tools.

This is helping to bring about a new era of direct access, transformation, and documentable rehabilitation not before realized.


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