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Whole Body Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
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Human Performance


The Neuro20 Smart Suit

The Neuro20 Smart Suit is a flexible, form-fitting Lycra suit providing electrical muscle stimulation and biosensor information through an IoT remote platform.

“Neuro20 has solved ‘permanent neurologic dysfunction’ and doubled my practice income.”  – Dr. Davis Brockenshire

Indications of Use

Muscle Re-Education

  • EMS is commonly used for muscle re-education purposes, effectively addressing issues such as muscle guarding and correcting bad habits acquired through injury or disease.
  • Neuro20 employs patterned stimulation to retrain functional movement patterns, making it beneficial for rehabilitation after traumatic brain injuries (TBI), surgery, or stroke.
  • This system helps individuals regain motor control and reestablish proper movement patterns, including walking, by stimulating targeted muscles and promoting coordinated muscle contractions.

Relaxation of Muscle Spasms

  • EMS is widely used for the relaxation and prevention of muscle spasms.
  • It is a popular technique employed to promote muscle relaxation, relieve tension, and minimize the occurrence of muscle spasms.
  • Neuro20 utilizes EMS technology to provide whole-body muscle relaxation and prevention of muscle spasms. It offers a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to address muscle spasms throughout their body.

Maintain or Increase Range of Motion

  • Utilizes electrical impulses to activate muscles and promote muscle contractions.
  • Helps increase the range of motion by stretching and elongating muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding a joint.
  • Regular sessions can reduce muscle tightness, promote muscle relaxation, and enhance overall joint mobility.

Prevention of Muscle Atrophy

  • EMS is utilized for the prevention of muscle atrophy.
  • By delivering electrical impulses to targeted muscles, EMS can stimulate muscle contractions, even when voluntary muscle activation is limited or restricted.
  • Regular use of EMS can help in maintaining muscle strength, preventing muscle wasting, and reducing the risk of muscle atrophy, particularly in situations where muscle disuse or immobilization is present, such as during injury recovery or prolonged bed rest.

Increase Local Blood Circulation

  • Research has shown that EMS can lead to a significant increase in local blood circulation at the microcapillary level.
  • Studies have demonstrated up to a 30% increase in microcapillary blood flow when EMS is applied to the targeted muscles.
  • This enhanced blood circulation at the microcapillary level helps improve tissue oxygenation, nutrient delivery, and waste removal, contributing to the overall health and vitality of the muscles.

Improve Muscle Strength

  • Neuro20 activates up to 93% of muscle fibers, exceeding the average person’s activation range of 30-40%.
  • It incorporates co-contraction resistance, engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously to provide resistance during workouts.
  • The combination of greater muscle fiber activation and co-contraction resistance promotes comprehensive muscle development, improved strength, and enhanced functional performance.


Muscle Strength
Flexibility / Range of Motion
Blood flow & Synovial fluid
Tissue Temperature
Lymphatic Drainage




Injury Rate
Pain & Swelling
Muscle Spasms
Muscle Atrophy
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness




Reaction Times
Activates Dormant Fibers
Muscle Adhesion Recovery
Sequential Muscle Firing Patterns



Meet the Developers!

  • Meet DJ Schmitt and Mike Finkelstein
  • DJ, a combat veteran, developed the Neuro20 PRO System to heal himself
  • He suffered many injuries including 138 broken bones and multiple parashooting accidents and is now in good health

See Neuro20 in Use!

  • Neuro20 has indications of use in human performance as well as rehabilitation.
  • Supports group training up to 10 participants per trainer.

Learn about the Neuro20 Technology!

  • Ted Danson’s “Advancements”
  • The history of EMS
  • Neuro20’s cutting edge applications

Watch our latest educational conference around Neuro20!

  • Meet Neuro20 Founders DJ Schmitt and Mike Finkelstein
  • Hear from Dr. Brockenshire
  • Learn about real patient results
  • Learn about the reimbursement landscape
  • See if Neuro20 is the right fit for you

Why People Choose Neuro20

“Being a collegiate athlete requires hard work, maintenance, and practice to perfect your craft. When I sustained my left ACL injury in February of 2021, my one goal was to work hard to get back on the field. Neuro20 helped me gain back my strength and my confidence. I healed faster than expected and the muscles surrounding my injury became significantly stronger using the Neuro20 PRO System. Due to hard work, medical professionals, athletic trainers, and Neuro20, I was cleared to play within 7 months of surgery instead of the expected 9–12 month recovery timetable. Now, I am excited for a successful 2022 season and can contribute to my team, rather than being concerned if I would even play.”

Caroline Jacquay

Softball Collegiate Athlete

“Neuro20 & WAVi has solved ‘permanent neurologic dysfunction’ and doubled my practice income.”

“Neuro20 technology has solved the greatest roadblock in rehabilitation: correcting old habits that were formed in response to old injuries. The ability to retrain corrective movement patterns without injury or exhaustion allows the client to achieve a freedom of performance otherwise unattainable. I personally use the Neuro20 system to re-acquire and maintain optimal movement patterns due to injuries sustained over a lifetime of athletic competitions.”

See Video Testimonial

Dr. Davis Brockenshire, DC, PT

Innovative Health Solutions

“As a collegiate baseball player who has undergone four separate significant surgeries, I have struggled with both the physical and mental aspects of rehabilitation. Working with Neuro20, I was not only able to return to full health, but my energy levels and quality of life improved with regular use of their Whole Body EMS suit. Tailored workouts became more specific as I progressed, and I saw an immediate improvement in my mobility when performing baseball-related activities such as throwing and hitting.”

See Video testimonial

Trenton Moore

Brandeis University Student, Baseball Player

“I’ve been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for over ten years, with a main focus on baseball players. I have worked with Major League Baseball Organizations in the United States as well as overseas in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Based on my recent experience with the Neuro20 Whole Body EMS Suit, I believe it does enhance or improve an athlete’s strength, stability and functional movement. Since the EMS Suit is wireless, it’s a great tool for the traveling athlete and allows you to train in your home or on the field.”

Jesus Villafane

Strength and Conditioning Coach

“A former Zumba instructor and working mother, sustained neck injuries from a car accident which caused weight gain and depression. Pharmaceuticals and traditional therapeutic interventions compounded the issue because the required time and minimal results became a key barrier to her health goals Utilizing WB-EMS System, Ashley is not only back to a pain free, fully functional healthy lifestyle, she is no longer taking anti-depressants.”

See Video Testimonial

Ashley Heath

President & CEO of Florida Philanthropic Network

“I used Neuro20 consistently and, simply put, it will become an essential tool for any health and fitness focused businesses interested preventative, therapeutic, rehab and form correction.”

Matt Wasko

NASM Physical Trainer

More about Neuro20

Twenty stimulating machine-washable large electrodes are embedded into the suit. located over large muscles covering motor points to create an involuntary contraction.

Neuro20’s electrodes activate the arms, chest, trunk, hip, and thigh muscles simultaneously, independently, or in a sequenced pattern. The electrode sizes and shape are constructed respective to muscle contour and are anti-microbial/anti-bacterial.

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NeuroLogic is a sales and distribution company focused on the brain and neurological health industry, bringing complementary medical devices, products, and services to the medical, wellness, athletic, and home/independent use markets to cause a strategic and vastly improved rate of recovery and healing success.

Our goal is to enable profound brain and neurological health rehabilitation and restoration across North America with objective measurement and intervention. We achieve this by equipping practitioners and patients with proven cutting-edge systems and tools.

This is helping to bring about a new era of direct access, transformation, and documentable rehabilitation not before realized.


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