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Objective Data Screening

Your Practice has an open opportunity to partner with NeuroLogic in a Turnkey EEG Brain Health Scanning Service that will provide exceptionally fast and objective EEG scans, at your facility!

The WAVi EEG platform is FDA cleared for use in clinical and research settings where rapid placement of a number of EEG electrodes is desired. The instant Scan Reports provide objective brain physiology markers like Amplitude/Voltage, Cortical Brain Reaction Speed, Physical Reaction Time and other objective markers that are directly correlated with brain injury, as well as cognitive, mental and mood status, i.e., ADHD, Depression/Anxiety, PTSD, Stroke, as well as memory care and annual wellness services. Plus, we offer an MD-Directed online review of your patient screenings!


Aspects of our EGG service

NeuroLogic also provides the training and implementation for your WAVi EEG screening service. This includes training staff to administer screenings, instant report management, online patient report review, and consultative assistance with medical reimbursement using the appropriate CPT codes.

Our turnkey service immediately helps clinics to serve patients by providing objective EEG data on brain health.


Revenue Estimates

We are happy to send a simple model for conservative estimates on medical reimbursement revenue to your clinic, together with suggested patient scheduling.

We also provide a Neurologist who reads the raw brain waves to protect your practice where potential epilepsy/seizure issues may be a concern. The EEG Assessment takes about 40 minutes to perform (10 minutes to set up and we capture 20 minutes of actual assessment time and about 10 minutes to break down).

Medical Insurance Reimbursement Options

WAVi is FDA cleared as a 10-20 position EEG device which qualifies for insurance reimbursement.

Medical insurance reimbursement is applicable to related activity around Mild Cognitive Impairment and conducting an EEG scan, such as:


  • Assessment Visit Prior to Formal Testing
  • EEG (Electroencephalogram)
    • Test Administration
    • Test Interpretation
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (Memory Care Planning)


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