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Dr. Jerry Clayton

“What we don’t have is an accurate, quantitative picture of what concussion looks like in terms of the physiology of the brain. That’s where the WAVi technology comes in.”

Dr. Jeffery Boone

“Using the WAVi system with patients on our protocol, I was able to measure dramatic improvement of brain health. The WAVi scan can be easily used in the primary care setting.”

Dr. Frank Palermo

“I’ve been pleased with the WAVi system because it provides an easy and quick way of analyzing brain physiology.”

Why Dr. Mo Mortazavi Assess P300 for Clinical Assessment & Recovery

Dr. Mo Mortazavi discusses WAVi as a brain health tool that demonstrates, clinically, that P300 follows clinical recovery trajectories very closely. Dr. Mo addresses WAVi as an “extra sensitivity tool” since P300 and ocular motor test results normalize after all other tests, i.e., cognitive, history and exam, exertional, all return to normal. When these tests return to normal, P300 and ocular motor still require more time, and WAVi demonstrates this nicely.

Dr. Mo Mortazavi discusses WAVi as a brain health tool for baseline scans on athletes, using ocular motor testing, cognitive testing, QEEG and more.

Dr. Mo Mortazavi discusses WAVi measurements and markers like cognitive/visual scores with trail mapping, reaction time, P300, F3/F4 Mood/Anxiety, Theta/Beta impulsivity markers, surface EMG for muscle tension looks like in the occipital and temporalis, brain mapping, and more. Dr. Mo uses WAVi to distinguish between prolonged symptoms of organic brain injury and psychosocial indicators surround the injury.

Dr. Mo Mortazavi discusses WAVi’s practical objective EEG data and measurements, delivered quickly to patients together with prescribed protocols and therapies to get patients back to work or play. WAVi’s cloud-based system enables practitioners to collaborate on new research using anonymized data.

Dr. Mo Mortazavi discusses scenarios where patients are struggling with primary organic brain injury, suppressed voltages, delayed P300 and the potential therapies to improve brain voltage, brain speed, ocular motor dysfunction and more.

Dr. Mo Mortazavi discusses WAVi’s clinical utility based on established EEG research, particularly for prolonged concussion symptoms.

WAVi is a state-of-the-art EEG headset that is easy to use for physician managed objective brain measurement, baselines, wellness and preventative, youth athletics and pre/post injury and disease.

WAVi technology was designed for exceptionally easy training so scan techs can be administering scans in just a couple days.

The WAVi headset is FDA cleared for use to collect signals with EEG using the snap-in E-soc fiber plugs which create the EEG connection. Presently, WAVi software is a service that is going through the FDA clearance process but is fully capable of being used in research clinical settings or for any type of diagnostic use a doctor may wish to engage in at his or her practice. WAVi is an objective measurement tool and does not diagnose, but rather allows a doctor to diagnose.

Dr. Mo Mortazavi discusses using WAVi at SPARCC Sports Medicine, a comprehensive concussion clinic where assessments are provided to determine primary brain function, cognition, visual, mood/psych, and exertional tolerances, as well as autonomic function.

Dr. Mo Mortazavi discusses symptoms of long-term concussion injury and significant developments in measuring and treating concussion over the last 5 years – along with WAVi’s utility in measuring injury and use for physicals.

Dr. Mo Mortazavi discusses WAVi as a robust tool that can guide doctors in determining the degrees of primary brain injury as well as what directions to take with respect to concussion management. Additionally, where prolonged symptoms or complex concussion histories are at issue, Dr. Mo uses WAVi as a sensitivity marker for identifying residual issues and, where markers are still off, in determining ongoing treatment.

Meet WAVi’s Inventor, Dr. David Oakley

Measuring Brain Health Success!

Client Experience w/ Blue Valley Physical Therapy

Medical Insurance Reimbursement Options

WAVi is FDA cleared as a 10-20 position EEG device which qualifies for insurance reimbursement.

Medical insurance reimbursement is applicable to related activity around Mild Cognitive Impairment and conducting an EEG scan, such as:


  • Assessment Visit Prior to Formal Testing
  • EEG (Electroencephalogram)
    • Test Administration
    • Test Interpretation
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (Memory Care Planning)


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