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Take Concussion Out Of The Game

Assure a SAFE Return To Play!

  • The brain produces a P300 wave when it hears sound. Six decades of research shows the P300 functions in a consistent way, so it’s a reliable objective biomarker, similar to other biomarkers like heart rate.
  • P300 data is measured using EEG which measures the SPEED of the P300 wave and its VOLTAGE (or amplitude).
  • Voltage depletes with a Concussion.
  • Healthy voltage is shown in the topograms (to the left), depicted by the color RED. It’s easy to spot the Concussion in this visual aid.

Did you know?

Athletes with a Concussion return to play too soon at least 37% of the time. A Post-Injury snapshot of the brain means that won’t happen anymore because you can see the change in brain function and be sure of a Safe Return to Play.

Most athletes are at risk for Concussion which can lead to future clinical depression, anxiety, CTE, or worse.

So let’s take Concussion out of the game!

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  • WAVi is a state-of-the-art EEG headset that captures ERP (or event-related potential) as a measure of brain response. EEG is used to record the brain’s reaction to a novel stimulus such as a sound or image. Sports Medicine & Concussion practitioners use the WAVi platform for patient treatment as well as research.
  • ERP tests are time-locked to a certain stimulus with a very high temporal resolution (down to the millisecond). Having been involved in innumerable clinical research studies over the last 70+ years, ERP tests are well-established metrics
  • The WAVi EEG platform is easy to use for objective brain measurement, baselines, wellness and preventative, youth athletics, and pre/post injury and disease.
  •    -WAVi technology was designed for exceptionally easy training so scan techs can be administering scans in just a couple of days.
  •    -The WAVi headset is FDA-cleared for use to collect signals with EEG using the snap-in E-soc fiber plugs which create the EEG connection.
  • Practitioners use WAVi for patients who are struggling with primary organic brain injury, suppressed voltages, delayed P300, and the potential therapies to improve brain voltage, brain speed, ocular motor dysfunction, and more.
  • WAVi provides the practical objective EEG data and measurements delivered quickly to patients together so practitioners can prescribe protocols and therapies to get athletes to play safely. WAVi’s cloud-based system enables practitioners to collaborate on new research using anonymized data.
  • WAVi’s measurements and markers include cognitive/visual scores with trail mapping, reaction time, P300, F3/F4 Mood/Anxiety, Theta/Beta impulsivity markers, surface EMG for muscle tension in the occipital and temporalis, brain mapping, and more. WAVi is also used to distinguish between prolonged symptoms of organic brain injury and psychosocial indicators surround the injury.
  • WAVi, as a brain health tool, demonstrates, clinically, that P300 follows clinical recovery trajectories very closely. WAVi is an “extra sensitivity tool” since P300 and ocular motor test results normalize after all other tests, i.e., cognitive, history and exam, exertional, all return to normal. When these tests return to normal, P300 and the ocular motor still require more time, and WAVi demonstrates this nicely.
  • WAVi, as a robust tool, can guide doctors in determining the degrees of primary brain injury as well as what directions to take with respect to concussion management. Additionally, where prolonged symptoms or complex concussion histories are at issue, WAVi is used as a sensitivity marker for identifying residual issues and, where markers are still off, in determining ongoing treatment.
  • WAVi, for complex and high-risk concussion situations, enables practitioners to work with athletes who have had multiple head injuries and are seeking a return to play. WAVi, as a sensitivity tool, enables practitioners to see if markers are still abnormal, and if so, prescribe more time for healing and recovery. In such cases, markers like P300 and ocular motor are normalizing, they are simply taking longer than other markers.
  • WAVi is an objective measurement tool and does not diagnose, but rather allows a doctor to diagnose.


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