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The WAVi EEG Platform

WAVi is an all-in-one brain measurement platform which provides objective information about brain function.

WAVi provides P300 and peak alpha frequency analysis, as well as raw EEG data.



Understanding P300 with Dr. Frank Palermo

Dr. Frank Palermo, MD teaches the purpose and method for capturing P300 data using the WAVi EEG platform. Practitioners use the platform to capture evoked potentials and to measure brain physiology data that correlates to Concussion, Cognitive, Mental, Mood, and other disorders or injuries.



Learn more about the science of P300

“Neuro20 & WAVi has solved ‘permanent neurologic dysfunction’ and doubled my practice income.” Dr. Davis Brockenshire, DC

The WAVi innovative EEG/P300 technology gives practitioners an accurate picture of a patient’s objective brain health. Together with MD-Directed online guidance, the instant reports compare up to 4 screenings, providing a longitudinal view of patient progress by merging recurring assessments into one report. The P300 wave is a brain biomarker with standard thresholds like body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. WAVi is FDA cleared as a 10-20 position EEG device that measures the P300.



  • Brain physiology screening for injury, cognitive, mental, mood.
  • Brain physiology and amplitude visualization device.
  • Adjunctive device cleared by the FDA to help clinicians.
  • Cannot be seen by outside assessment.



How our EEG technology helps your patients & practice

In the same way an EKG enables your practice to capture vital data, our FDA-cleared EEG technology assists doctors, trainers and other healthcare professionals with quick and efficient assessment to aid in diagnosis and/or measuring progress.


Offer the P300 assessment as part of yearly physical screenings ages 8 & up creating an objective baseline unique to each of your patients and better approaches to concussion recovery, return-to-play (RTP) and mental health concerns! We have implemented our technology in practices such as:


  • Family Practitioners
  • Chiropractors/ Functional Neurologists
  • Health & Wellness Professionals
  • Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy
  • Athletics/Sports Wellness
  • Executive Physicals
  • Hospitals & more!

Identifying QEEG Evoked Potential Voltage Patterns in Pediatric Cases with Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms

Learning About WAVi’s Place For Tracking The Brain-Body Connection with Steve Sanborn – Chiro Hustle Podcast

Dr. Frank Palermo Discusses P300 Post-Concussion Amplitude and Latency and Common Thresholds.

Meet WAVi’s Inventor, Dr. David Oakley

WAVi Brain Scan Podcast

Medical Insurance Reimbursement Options

WAVi is FDA cleared as a 10-20 position EEG device which qualifies for insurance reimbursement.

Medical insurance reimbursement is applicable to related activity around Mild Cognitive Impairment and conducting an EEG scan, such as:


  • Assessment Visit Prior to Formal Testing
  • EEG (Electroencephalogram)
    • Test Administration
    • Test Interpretation
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (Memory Care Planning)


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